So, after careful thought, I'm going to do NaNo this year. For some background, here's the post over on Random Strands about my thoughts on the subject. I will be updating this page periodically throughout the month to report on my triumphs and failures as I go along. The running wordcount and total will be always placed at the top of this page. This space will be for the minutiae of the month. Maybe something cool happens, maybe I get an idea for something, maybe I'll give someone on the forums a shout out. I just want it all located on one page so I don't take up the Tuesday Thoughts and the DATV with NaNoWriMo stuff. Although I might add a 'NaNoWriMo Minute' in the 4-5 DATV Vlogs that are going to go from here till Nov. 30.

If you don't want to read through the whole entry devoted to NaNoWriMo: here's the tl;dr on my journeys through NaNo:

I heard about it a few years ago through a friend. I tried it several times but I could never could really get my fantasy WIP off the ground. I think deep down a part of me must have felt that I wasn't cut out to write anything beyond fanfiction. I'd get a few days in and then have a bad writing day, and then give up because I'd feel that what was coming was going to snowball into something worse, and by worse I mean I was afraid of a little more elbow grease. So when I was writing my thesis this past year, I didn't even think I would participate. But I'm a notoriously stubborn individual when it comes to things I said I would or would not do. In this particular scenario, I was on the tail end of my thesis work by which I mean crunch time to get everything polished up and edited properly so that I'd get my MFA. I was also working a full shift at work. The last thing I needed was a distraction. 

So I said fuck it, I'll do NaNo.

Through NaNo I discovered a lot of great people both in my area (shout out to the Houston Wrimos I've met, y'all rock) and a good, strong online community that I felt good writing with. So I kept it up. I had moved to a midshift at work, so I'd get up earlier sometimes and work on my thesis stuff from 8-11 because I was one of the few people in the city of Houston able to take an 8-minute commute to work. At night, I'd come home, have dinner and then split my time between thesis and NaNo stuff. I feel that NaNo allowed me to place a lot of my side ideas, or incoherent ramblings, in those pages rather than add them to the thesis and struggle there. In the end, I figured since my manuscript was a collection of short stories, my NaNo project would be short stories. In the end, only one story out of five or six was able to be salvaged from my NaNo project...but my thesis got done, on time, and it was great. Granted, I've made drastic edits to some stories since (and added some) in order to make it ready to be a manuscript. 

So, we'll see how this month goes. It should be somewhat less tumultuous than last year but hey, my life is a crazy one, so we'll see :) 

11.1 - 883

It's begun!

I'm just going to write. Fuck it, full-blown rebellion. I'm going Manu Ginobili on this shit. 

11.02 - 1386
11.03 - 2485

Interesting last couple of days. Had a slow start to NaNo, but the FRIGGING CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES IN AN AMAZING GAME and so that kind of held me up a bit. I'm playing catch up now, 200 words short but by tomorrow I'll be caught up, and hopefully, a little bit ahead.