Eagle Update 10/13


I guess it counts. I've decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. Not sure if I'll be a rebel (read: doing something that's not novel-writing) like I was last year or to take on my fiction project, the revitalization of my decade-old WIP. 17 days to decide.


As part of the Tintero Projects, Lupe Mendez conducted a really awesome workshop on black out poetry, which is a form I've never really played with. I learned a lot. This weekend it'll be Josh Inocencio and he's going to be conducting a workshop about being a playwright and I AM SO STOKED. Full disclosure time: I wrote two shitty screenplays early in my high school career. How shitty? This is the first I've spoken about them in like seven years. I also wrote another shitty screenplay for my screenwriting class at UTEP. 

It's annoying, really, because I there is a leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetle itty bit part of me that--oh who I am kidding--a BIG part of me that irrationally hates to be bad at a form of writing. So my goal for that workshop is pick up a few tips that'll help me be not shitty at writing plays.

If you're interested, we're having the workshops from 2-4 p.m. at the East End Studio Gallery. It's in that little plaza where Bohemeo's is. So you can also stop by Bohemeo's for lunch before or after because Bohemeo's nachos are the bomb.com. 


I finally got a working mic for the vlog. Next step is to find something to help with the acoustics. Also, my friend and colleague Trevor Boffone featured me in an article, so thank you, Trevor! Trevor's a fantastic guy, by the way. 

Another thing, I'm working on indexing my previous Tuesday Thought entries in a convenient place where I can be like, oh, you're talking about say, creative nonfiction? Well here's an entry. It's self-promotion but it's also like hey maybe this random guy on the internet has a few choice words about it. Let's see if...oh yay! The hyperlinks posted. 

So here's a link to the last several Tuesday Thought blogs.