Eagle Update 10/20


All quiet on this front. 



With NaNoWriMo gearing up, I have to make the decision as to what I'm going to do. I want to write my fiction project but I also want to write short stories. Here's my thing...I want to do both.

PROJECT 1 - Untitled Short Story Collection

I don't have to scavenge stories from my manuscript to send out to journals
I get to create new stories and be as varied as I can with them
It's what got me to win last time

I'm very finicky with my short stories (I've only come up with three ideas in the last few weeks and one of them turned into two stories)
PROJECT 2 - Untitled Fantasy WIP
I've drastically streamlined the plot for my decade-old project
I have grown as a writer since I last took a serious attempt at this
I really want to go into genre writing

I only get one idea to work with and I'm limited to that
I'm harsher on myself when it comes to writing genre fiction
I'm 0-2 in NaNo with this particular project

I could, I suppose, work on both and win with both.

The challenge with that is writing 3,334 words a day and 100,000 words overall during November. Not impossible, mind you. But I have to recognize that my exhaustion does have limits. I guess I'm going to play it by ear as we get closer to the date. I suppose I can always just throw those two ideas a curveball and write a collection of fantastical short stories set in the fantastical universe I'm creating but, I don't know. 11 days left.


So, vlogging has been quite an adventure. I've picked masks as a gimmick and I probably should have gotten more when I was in Mexico City because one of them makes it a wee bit difficult to record for longer periods of time. Because I find it more time-consuming to edit, I do my shots in one take. If I mess up, I start over. The problem with that is my Mascara Sagrada mask doesn't have a good breathing nose-hole and so recording sessions take longer with that mask.

I've talked about masks in the vlog but I haven't really discussed them. I might do that in next Tuesday Thoughts blog post.