Eagle Update 10/6


I started writing a few more poems, including one based on buying condoms at K-mart. Not that I have an experience with that, you see, but because I heard it on a podcast and I figure that would be something relateable to a lot of people.


I finished two short stories in three days. Well, technically one as done, but I submitted it to a journal and I decided to strip it down to under 2,000 words. I liked the end-product and it's still one of my favorite pieces. I just renamed it (former name, Chamber Music for a Weekend Out). The other piece I finished and once I'm through a few tiny edits, I'll be submitting it here and there. I'm proud of that one because it was inspired in a really weird way. Thank you, Neil Gaiman, for leetting me know writing weird is being weird and weird is AWESOME.

Other Stuff

So the vlog is coming along. It's been a learning process.  The other thing is the Tintero Project workshop I conducted last weekend was amazing. Some really good talent!