Eagle Update 11/3


NaNo has started and I'm a little bit behind on what I want to do. Two flash pieces, but hey, what you gonna do about it?


None to report.


I've gotten caught up with stuff outside my control.

Just kidding.

I've lost a few days of productivity because Sunday, I just straight up couldn't move. Monday, I tripped on concrete and sprained my toe. Tuesday, my friends and I took part in the all you can eat red lobster challenge and came in under last year's record (I only consumed 95 shrimp to my friends' 150 and 140), so I got home after that and passed TF out. Last night...


Baseball was the only sport outside of bullfighting that my grandfather watched. I've never followed it much  (I only adopted the Astros later in my life) but my girlfriend grew up a Cubs fan,  I've been to Chicago multiple times and I just love one hell of a sports story, and one hell of a story in general.

Cubs, who hadn't won a World Series since 1908, down 3-1 to Cleveland, who hadn't won one since 1948. Went in to Cleveland (who only earlier in the year had already ended their basketball curse after the Cavs came back 3-1 down to the winningest team in NBA history) and won. 

Cubs took an early lead, Indians tied it at the BOTTOM OF THE EIGHT after 2 outs. Cubs held on, there was a rain delay. Cubs came back, scored two, Indans got one run, game at 8-7, two runners on base, two outs...and then the Cubs won.

So this week, the Tuesday Thoughts will go up Friday, the Vlog will go up Saturday, and we'll resume our schedule on Monday.