MOAR PUBLICATIONS and also some divergence

So, first things first, I'd like to announce that I will have another few pieces published! My poems 'Dos' and 'Coatlicue (or reasons not to date a Mexican woman) will appear in Garland, and 'Two-stepping guide for cowards' and 'Stranded--or midnight is an inkwell" will appear in Donut Factory. I am also working on another piece for Neos Alexandria to go along with the one that was published. 

10 things published in 5 months. Most productive I've been, and as soon as the links clear, I'll have a listing in Poets and Writers. :)

The second thing I wanted to talk about today was that I will also be contributing to one of my former colleagues' websites, Flagrantly Foul

Now, you're asking, what the hell is a poet and writer doing writing about sports, for free? Well...I love sports. I love watching sports. I love reading about sports. I love talking about sports. I love writing about sports. 

I got into sports journalism in 2008, when I was promoted to Sports Editor for the UTB Collegian (now the UTRGV Rider) from my previous position as a reporter. After two years of plain reporting and very sporadic feature writing, sportswriting was a whole new world. I had the opportunity to add color to every story instead of following a "lede, score, reaction" dry formula that every sports editor before me had followed.

It was an amazing experience and one of the highlights of my college career. And since our school only (then) competed in the NAIA with soccer, golf, baseball, and volleyball, I was able to cover all these sports, at times being a one-man multimedia crew and capturing my own photos and video. After I left college and opted against following a career in journalism, I ended up in Houston, where casually reading CNN, I discovered Peter King.

Now, I find it difficult to read his writing.  

But when I first discovered longform journalism, I devoured everything he wrote. I also read great books like Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, which I think is a primer for anyone who's a sports fan.

So, a year after that, I discovered Grantland, SB Nation, and Deadspin. I loved the approach the writers took, managing to make their articles engaging, humorous, and informative. Holly Anderson was excellent for college football, Bill Barnwell and Chris Brown for the NFL, Zach Lowe for the NBA.

And Justin Halpern (Of Sh*t My Dad Says fame)'s piece, "Your Favorite Team Doesn't Give a Damn About You" is still one of the funniest and most relatable things I've ever read.

I gained an entirely new understanding of sports through reading those sites and the fact that Grantland went under (no thanks to the spat between Bill Simmons and ESPN) is a damn shame.

So, I'll be ranting about sports and sports-related stuff over there. 

I've written two articles so far, one about the issue of student-athletes getting paid, and another on how one writer from Fort Worth said a Snapchat picture set women's rights back years.