Eagle Update (6/15)

So, first things first, some thoughts on the events this past weekend in Orlando.

This was an attack on the LGBT community. Everything else is a side debate. A friend said it best: "I you've s

poken to your kids about the fact that there was a shooting this weekend, but you either think they're not old enough to understand gay people or you've said unkind things about gay people in front of them...I hope you'll think of that."

Houston last year struck down HERO, the Houston Equal Rights Ordnance. Over 100,000 voted and I can't help but wonder how many people talking about how bad they feel over the Orlando shooting and voted to strike down HERO. Hypocrites.

Moving on.

In recent writing/editing news, I met this lady who happens to be a great writer and we started chatting and she was all like YOU SHOULD BE A READER and I was like I ALREADY AM and she was like NO LIKE FOR A MAGAZINE and she led me to apply to Bartleby Snopes as a reader. I thought pffft they're going to say no but I applied and I GOT THE POSITION.  I'm excited to be part of their team. I also like that they have a pretty diverse staff, both women and POC. 

My short fiction piece White Eyes will appear in the next issue of The Riding Light Review's Starwheel project. This is one of my oldest and most-edited pieces. It started out as a poem, turned into a story called Night Driver, changed it to Halogen Eyes after I edited it for my thesis, and then it finally became White Eyes. 

And on the last update, I'm going to start considering adding a guest blog on this page where we can have a medium to talk about non-writing stuff like food or mass effect or random shit.