Eagle Update (6/23)

I figure even if there's no "news" on the writing front, I'm going to still have a weekly update because, you know, consistency.

So here's what I've been up to since last update.


Recovery, for the most part. I came down with something that knocked me out of commission for two days. THEN, to make matters worse that weekend, I slipped in my apartment and landed on my right shoulder. So I had a t-rex right arm for the last fourteen days, which meant that writing was difficult since I was in constant pain whenever I sat down to write. But, I've regained about 99% of the mobility, so I started to write again..


I've been focusing on query letters. Given that agents take anywhere between 2-6 weeks to respond, I figure the earlier the better. So far this week I've sent out around 30 different queries. I've been mainly submitting Huizache and Glass Memories because  they've been copy-edited time and and time again. The waiting is going to suck, but I figure if I can send another 30 queries the next few days, I'll be done with the entire database of  literary agents in poets & writers. I don't like that I have to go through an agent to get to a publishing house, but it makes sense. Someone has to be a gatekeeper. I look forward to having an agent, though. All I need is someone to like my pitch and then I can make my case. I'm convinced that the manuscript stands up on its own right. 

I mean, come on, one of my stories has a magical taco truck.

I'd like to shout out to my editors and beta readers, by the way. My girlfriend and a new friend I made at a poetry reading have been of immense help in getting me through certain blocks in my stories. 


I have another reading in two days, opening for Lupe Mendez again. I'm going to have some new material so I'm kind of excited. It's been at least three months since I wrote a spoken word piece.

On the normal poetry front, I'm going to start making the edits to the manuscript I worked on when I went to Port Bolivar a few months ago. Name is still pending for the 60 or so poems in the collection, but I'm hella partial to The Reclaimed Land

June, thanks to the injury and the alternative factors of stress and such, hasn't been good on the writing poetry font, but then again there's also still seven days left.


I'm still tinkering around with how I want my layout, so if there's some changes, I'll let you know. One guarantee, this coming Tuesday's entry will be about elf-publishing. I have opinions!