I had a nightmare of the wolf eating the raven

God, some of Sonata Arctica's lyrics make no sense at all, but they're awesome. One day I'm going to curate all my favorite lines from songs and write something about them. Might be a multi-part project. Who knows? I can tell you that Tony Kakko, Conor Oberst, and Jesse Lacey will have prominent parts in that.


Just because I thought about it as I was editing one of my stories last week. "Your truth is just the ghost of your lie" is something I wanted my character to say. And I was all giddy, going to put it in the story when I stopped myself and remembered that it was in Bright Eyes' It's cool, we can still be friends.

And Brand New's The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot has this gem: "Call me a safe bet / I'm betting I'm not."


And then sic transit Gloria...glory fades. SO GOOD.

But, anyway. I love song lyrics like that.


So what's been going on in my neck of the woods? I've been busy, busy, busy editing. Got the edits back for five of my stories and revised most of them (pending one) and I finally got more or less the ending I wanted from Dos de Tripa, my favorite short story in the entire collection. It was a huge pain in the butt because I couldn't get my characters to do what I wanted. So I had to change their profession for the third flipping time. So I'm going to send that to two particular beta readers who have technical expertise in the subject matter.

Funny story: I never liked tacos de tripa. But now because my characters eat them at one point in the story, I feel like I should be eating more of them. I'm weird.

I also finished Chamber Music which was one of those poems-turned-short stories that I really liked. I kept the original Chamber Music piece as a poem and then changed it enough to create a short story out of it. It's probably my most experimental piece to date.

Oh, and my first fiction piece (which I mentioned last entry) went live. I'm very proud, and I've come to realize that you know, I need to stop trying to shoehorn myself into one particular literary style over another. I can write dirty realism and I can write magic realism and I shouldn't feel bad because I'm writing more of one than the other. I also shouldn't feel bad if I write poems about my upbringing, about law school, about love, about alcohol, about my personal demons, because, you know what, I'm the sum of my experiences. I'm not going to sit here and write a poem about how delicate that leaf of grass is. But I will sit here and write one about the maddening song shopping mall carousels play. Or maybe I'll write a story. AND MAKE IT CREEPY. Who knows?!


After several weeks in the crockpot, I took out the poems I had written over the course of NaPoWriMo. Most, surprisingly, survived. And there are some really good ones in the mix that'll complement the 70 or so poems that were already written. There were poems about people I've met, people I haven't met, about ghosts, about dreams, and about previously-unthought-of-uses for blood. I also played around more with form and line because I figure--why not.

I also added a new poem to my 'selected poems' page, one called 'Television'. It's one of my girlfriend's favorites. Feel free to check it out!



In related news, I received my first batch of business cards from Vistaprint. I'll be honest, you guys, I thought they were going to be crappy .But I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of even the most basic designs. Will definitely buy from them again.

And on collaborative news, I'm taking on two outside projects. I'm working with a group of Mexican-American Studies teachers and educators to come out with a response to the horrendous textbook some former SBOE members are peddling, and in that same token, I will be helping out in some form or function with the Dakota Carter for SBOE campaign so that we can get someone who's interested in fighting those who want to erase ethnic history. I will also be collaborating with the staff from MyMFAYears for an amazing project :D

I also recently became certified as a healthcare interpreter, so...yay!



May was a terrible month for my books. I only read four. I'm hoping to bounce back this month. I've already read one, Leslie Contreras-Schwartz's Fuego in a single sitting. So it's looking good that I'll get six books in this month to keep up the pace. Also, Ms. Contreras is coming to a reading so I'm totally going to fanboy AND I DON'T CARE.

I'll be making a "2016 Reading Challenge" page in this site at some point this weekend because my opinions matter and because if I hold myself accountable to you guys I'll be more inclined to read more instead of taking my monito to the NBA Hall of Fame in NBA2K14.

So that's it for this past week's recap. I'm tired.

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