Eagle Update (6/30)


Today is #MSWL day and I’ll be keeping track of any agent out there looking for a collection of lit-fic short stories with a psychological bent.


I had a poetry reading this past weekend to celebrate local poet/educator Chris Wise’s birthday party. Easily one of the most fun readings I’ve ever been involved in. I tried out my new poem, A letter from the book of revelations, and busted out an old classic: SB1128, which is now SB1128: Trump Edition. Gotta keep up with the times. But it was a very enjoyable experience and reading with some of the city's finest poets is always a plus.


I totally ate a post somewhere, so that's why there wasn't any Tuesday thoughts this week. Which means probably a make-up post on Saturday. Tally is at only one acceptance this month and only 3 books read, so I'm behind my goal for read books. BUT at the same time, I also started reading for Bartleby Snopes and have been sending out a shit-ton of queries. Things are going to even out in July.