Eagle Update 7/14


I had the opportunity to attend a reading by Leslie Contreras-Schwartz on Tuesday, where she read poems from her book, Fuego. Excellent experience. 

I had my first flash fiction published! It's available here.


  • My first guest blog appears at writer Rachel Poli's blog. You can find it here.
  • I haven't really taken part in the new Pokemon Go! craze because there's like no damn pokemon stuff in my area. Okay, that's not entirely accurate but...I don't know, once I'm back inside, I'm back inside. But I think it's great. I mean, if I were to go back in time and say, hey 12 year old self who fancies himself The PokeGod, in 16 years, you're going to be able to have a real-life pokedex and catch virtual pokemon just out and about...I wouldn't believe you.
  • In sad news, Tim Duncan retired Monday and I'm unexpectedly torn up about it. I think this image captured my Monday perfectly.

I think I'll write a longer piece for Flagrantly Foul but I just want to say that I am thankful to Tim Duncan. No one has one bad thing to say about him, even the most bitter Suns fans can hate the rest of the team and fanbase, there is nothing but respect for the #GOAT.

He gave the city of San Antonio 19 years of greatness. Not a single losing record. Not a single year that he did not make the playoffs. Only player in NBA history to start and play for championship teams in three decades. Spurs have gone 1072 - 438 in those 19 years. Highest winning percentage in pro sports. League-record 158-98 in 19 years. 19 straight consecutive playoff appearances.

Duncan is Spurs' career record-holder in:


15-time All-star, two-time league MVP, three-time NBA Finals MVP. 

(Thank you, Jeff McDonald for the stats)

And he's a nice guy

He never chased fame, flashiness, fortune, he went in there to win and was a nice guy

Of course, he wasn't above trolling other players in inoffensive ways.

Of course, he wasn't above trolling other players in inoffensive ways.

Also, as an immigrant, he exemplified the best parts about the American dream. Basketball's not going to be the same without him.