Eagle Update 7/21


Busy poetry week! Three different poems published! Well, I knew they were going to be published, but now they're live! My poems Stranded (or midnight is an inkwell) were published in Donut Factory and my poem Afterthought was published in Picaroon Poetry.  I also received the proof for the poems that will be included in the Garland of the Goddess: Tales of the Feminine Divine collection.

Some few tidbits regarding these: 

Stranded (or midnight is an inkwell) was one of my stream-of-consciousness poems, written while I had my car idling outside of Gate C I think it was at Bush IAH, tied it in to my sophomore year of high school.

A two-stepping guide for cowards is easily one of my favorite poems. Top 5 easily. I wrote it inspired by some of the nights at Wild West in Houston, where I'd find myself completely unable to approach some random person just to dance. And here's the thing, it wasn't about just oh that girl is hot i so wanna dance with her. I just wanted to dance with someone purely for the dancing aspect.

Afterthought is another "night out" poem that is basically about lust, gluttony, and bad decisions.


No news on this front, unfortunately. I feel like as excited as I have been these last two weeks to restart my fantasy epic, I've had a horrible case of writer's block.


If everything goes well, we will be moving into a new house soon. It might mark the first time I'll ever have a real commute to my big-boy-wear-pants job. Background: Unlike most working Houstonians, I've never experienced a real commute. Ever since I've been here:

2011-2013 - Studied/worked in Downtown Houston, a 10-12 minute bus ride (7 minutes by car) from my apartment south of The Heights/I-10
Early 2013-late 2013 - Worked in Spring Branch: 20 minute drive westbound on I-10.
late 2013 - spring 2014 - Moved to Spring Branch, reducing commute to 8 minutes.
Spring-Summer 2014 - Started working near Chinatown, drive extended to 12 minutes on the tollway. 
Summer 2014 - Present - Moved to Chinatown, commute reduced to 5 minutes.

I always said there'd come a time where I'd have an actual commute as a payback, and now I'll get it. The silver-lining is that the house is looking amazing. We will finally have a yard for our dogs to run around. And I'll have an office that I'll share with our older dog. She's actually more of a cat in the sense that all she does is sleep, eat, and get annoyed by people. So she'll have her bed in the office.

I'm also thinking about building a desktop rig because I definitely need an upgrade. The only decision to make is to go dual-screen (which makes me feel all spoiled and shit) or just one large screen. 

Then I can retire the laptop to the living room for casual internet browsing. I also have two other laptops in storage. One that I got my senior year of high school and that still holds all my songs and basically the following Simpsons MONTY-BURNS-PIC clip. Still operational after ten years. Suck on that, Apple. I have another laptop that came with me when I moved to Houston, that one's battery is shot, so it's been a pet project to turn it into a SNES machine that I could play with all the free time I do not have. 

Speaking of dual screens, I love dual screens. They're the best. I haven't had at at my current employer, but I have had them at the last two. I MISS YOU, DUAL SCREENS. I think if I was rich I'd have triple screens. I remember when I worked at [redacted] in Downtown Houston, there were some people who had FIVE screens at their workstation.