Eagle Update 7/28


I don't have an agent yet, but I found someone who's going to help with the marketing! And this lady is incredibly talented and resourceful. Very lucky to have her on my corner!




So, while I'm still waiting on guest blog opportunities from the people reading this site *coughs loudly* I will now be regularly blogging about mental health. I will have you know that I have a total of 0 classroom hours in psychology, but I do have ADD/ADHD., and I am seeking representation for my book. What's my book about? Writing about mental health through fiction. So while I wait for an agent to notice me senpai, I'll be able to reach out to people suffering with mental illness. Fellow ADD/ADHDERS, COME TO ME!

No, seriously, if you want to talk, come to me. I'll probably advise you to get help professionally but I will also hear you out. I know it's not easy.