Eagle Update (7/7)


I really need to get buckled down on a potential chapbook manuscript. Haven't written anything since a few found poems a few weeks ago. I mean, I know this is supposed to be Camp NaNo but...nah.


Started working on another fantasy project...big post about it coming up soon.


I have joined a local marketing-communications firm as their Creative Content Strategist. I'm very excited for a lot of reasons. One of them goes back to maybe seven years ago, when I was in Dallas for the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference. My then-moderator had thrown four of us seniors into the job fair the conference always puts on to see if we could score some internships. Unfortunately, the only two options by the time we got there were the AP (who wanted like a Pulitzer on your resume to intern) and the Armpit County Register-News or whatever. So, I decided against a career in that. After my misadventures in law school and working for an energy industry powerhouse, I decided to pursue a career in the advertising/marketing/PR world. Why? It was the best way for me to start the process of having my own magazine. But...that didn't work out, because I didn't have the formal writing or editing experience. I had everything else: Years of writing experience, an ability to learn quick and adapt to constant deadlines and heavy pressure, familiarity with A.P. style writing, InDesign and Photoshop, bilingual. Everything but the requisite "direct job experience working in an agency", part of the problem liberal arts majors face upon graduation: No job due to lack of experience in the industry; lack of experience due to not having a job in the particular industry.. I just about begged in cover letters: give me a chance. I'll write for you. I'll make sure you don't send out typo-ridden press releases.

But nope.

It's hard to get into given industries from the outside, and I've been extremely lucky to find this position. But now I'm in. I'm starting out as a partner in sweat equity with an awesome team that values hustle and values hard work and values inventiveness and creativity. 

It also helps one of the managing partners is also a devoted follower of the A.P. style and that's my kinda people.