Eagle Update 8/11


Wrote my first poem in like two months yesterday and it’s okay. We’ll see how it is after the crockpot treatment. If you’re new to this blog, this is my patented crockpot treatment for writing poems:

1.       Write poem on ink and paper

2.       Store poem somewhere, usually in particular notebook*

3.       Wait a week, then take out the poem and see how it looks on the computer

a.       If it looks good, save it into a designated crockpot folder

b.      If it doesn’t look good but there are some salvageable lines, write those lines somewhere else

c.       If it looks terrible, just draw an horizontal mark on it with Sharpie for posterity

4.       Following 4a, after a week in the designated crockpot folder, take a look at it again

a.       If it’s still good, move to the main poem folder

b.      If it’s (objectively) complete shit, salvage the good lines and send the poem to a designated vault folder, where I could revisit it and maybe rework it

*my notebook is currently AWOL, so that means I get to buy a new one! Well, I know where it is. I think. I’m moving, so it’s probably hiding in one of the boxes.

Okay, so my system is not really patented. You can try it. I really encourage you to do so, especially if you want to get into writing poetry. It lets you draft, edit, review and gets rid of that pesky “UGH EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE RIGHT NOW” editor. I say that because a lot of my poems do elicit an UGH EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE RIGHT NOW reaction at first, but when I go back to them after they’ve steeped in the crockpot I’m like OKAY THIS IS NOT SO TERRIBLE AND IT IS ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD. What this system does also is gives you some space to refresh your brain, which in turn lets you spot things you didn’t spot before your first draft. Come to think of it, I think we should do that! For the next three Thursdays, I will take a poem from draft to completion just as a way to illustrate my system.

Sure, it means I’d be rendering that poem essentially unpublishable but I think it’s worth it for the experience.


I’ve been doing some research on Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. And by research I mean just looking up the damn things. I think I’ve finally come across a good idea for what I’m going to want my magic system to be like in my fantasy epic.

Unfortunately, it’s now becoming 100% certain I’m taking the nuclear option to the project I currently have. Oh well. It’s for a good cause.

For my literary fiction, I haven’t really written much but I’m thinking about re-editing the salvageable stories from last year’s NaNo projects and getting something from them. As I’ve learned from my experience with The Ritual, it’s not worth it to completely abandon a story. I mean, the worst that can happen is someone says no.


It’s finally moving time! God, this whole house-shopping thing has been a huge stressor and a definite factor in why I haven’t been writing much. Last week Thursday I was so stressed out I gave myself a fever. But the dust is settling and now we begin the actual process of physically moving our shit. We’re shooting for this weekend to complete our move. I’m also excited to set up my home office! I’m going to get rid of my huge corner desk and plan on replacing it with a simple L-shaped wooden table with space underneath for some cables. I love minimalism in décor and I think having just: table, laptop/rig, and single bookshelf would beat having a visually bulky office. Now the question becomes: do I pull the Mass Effect theme from the living room and turn the home office into my own Normandy OR do I incorporate other games/ideas into the décor?

Because, for instance, I really want to add a Mexican/Chicano touch to it, with my alebrijes and my Diego Rivera framed poster. It’ll be tricky incorporating that into a minimalist home office. But, we’ll see!

Not mine, but that's an alebrije

Not mine, but that's an alebrije