Eagle Update 9/1


My first paid piece, Don't Cry, is now live in Spirit's Tincture's inaugural issue. It is my first paid piece. Now the funny thing is that outside 14 years, every short story I have out or forthcoming falls under the magic realism/spec fiction umbrella. I'm kinda giddy about it.

Also, I finally made some progress through my month-long writer's block. The project is just about unrecognizable from the original story but I think it'll make more sense to world-build for reference, and then drastically limit the scope of my story. I'll be able to control it better that way, and if I do want to expand it, I can work on side stories independent of the main project in the same world. Worst case scenario is I repeat what I've been going through. Best case scenario is I manage to get some traction inside my own Black Library or Terry Pratchett kind of world.


Nothing to report.


I will be traveling for Labor Day, so I'll have something scheduled before I leave. September's shaping up to be an interesting month.