Eagle Update 9/22


Pre-orders for half mystic journal's Issue II: Saudade are now live! They're doing a wonderful job over there. My poem's in the collection, and it's a poem I wrote inspired by Final Fantasy X. BECAUSE VIDEOGAMES MATTER Y'ALL. I've also tidied up my 'selected poems' page.


Work continues on the fantasy project!  I had a brief scare. I've been outlining by hand and haven't backed up anything digitally yet on the computer because I'm a colossal moron. So mind you, I've been fiddling with the outline for a few weeks now, and again, I'll repeat, I'm Mr. Paranoid. My manuscript, for instance, exists in four different hard copies, 2 jump drives, 2 computers, and 2 emails. 

All it took was one blown up hard drive when I was like 13 to get me to that point.

I guess I'm still finding out ways to surprise myself. Yay.

Anyway, so I've been writing this all in a pretty cool notebook I got from Target. I've moved away from Moleskine brands because at $20 a pop you're basically paying for the brand name. They're the Apple of consumer stationary.  So on Monday, I'm on the couch and I decide to write a bit. Unfortunately, I was still feeling like ass so I didn't get to writing. Come the next day, I'm getting ready to go to work, and I always take my notebook with me to write on my lunch break. I can't find it. I think, hey, maybe it's in the car. I drive to work, then look for the notebook everywhere, and I can't find it. So now I'm like, well shit, no notebook, but it's SOMEWHERE IN MY CAR AMIDST THE MESS. I leave work, look around, find no sign of the notebook. Panic mode slowly creeping in. But it's also like 9:30 at night and I think, okay, it's either in my car or in my girlfriend's car since I sat there briefly the night before. I need more light. I go home, have dinner, check the cars, and nothing. I look everywhere in the house and I find nothing.

So now I'm thinking...eep

I sit down to watch Forged in Fire for a bit. I love that show, by the way. I'd totally love to forge my own knife but I also know that my immediate neighborhood (And the state of Texas for that matter) have a vested interest in me not having a forge.

I'm watching that while I'm having my dinner, and once it ends, I decide to be productive. I take a quick shower, change, brush my teeth, and then go to the living room to take my laptop to the home office...and once I lift it, my notebook was there.

Always in the last place you look.


I will be launching a video blog this coming week once I pay some money to get the STUPID WATERMARK off my video. I need to see if I can find an open source alternative and maybe invest in a better microphone.

Also, random tangent, I miss AIM. Our kids will never know the anxiety behind sending someone a message and then getting a customized away message back. And the profile, where you'd shout out your BFF. Or emoticons when they weren't called emojis. 


We used to communicate like this. Also, did warning ever really work? I just remember it was a good way to annoy people.

We used to communicate like this. Also, did warning ever really work? I just remember it was a good way to annoy people.

ah fuck it i'll just talk about these things in a blog post