Eagle Update 9/29


Wrote a few poems recently, and I also read a few of my spoken word pieces at an event put on by Houston Community College as part of the Hispanic Heritage Month.



My story, The Ritual, was nominated alongside Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber's Mothers + Sons by The Airgonaut for the Best of the Net anthology. It's a great honor! To think I once wasn't a big fan of the story and now it's one of the pieces that people talk about being their best from me.

Other Stuff

I've started a vlog! Come check me out here.

The other thing is, I will be the guest facilitator as part of the Tintero Workshop Series beginning this weekend. It's going to be held during October Sundays (the 10/30 date is an exception) from 2-4 p.m. at the East End Studio Art Gallery. The theme of the workshops will be Thrills and I will be conducting my workshop from the flash fiction perspective. 

The rest of the month is subject to the following schedule:

10/9 - Jasminne/Lupe Mendez (Creative Nonfiction/Poetry)

10/16 - Josh Inocencio (Screenwriting)

10/23 - Icess Fernandez (Longform fiction)

10/30 Leslie Contreras Schwartz (TBD)

The Tintero Project was founded by Poetry and Fiction House of Mendez and their goals are to "promote writing & reading opportunities for emerging Latinx poets and writers in the Houston - Galveston/Gulf Coast Region." and I'm very excited and thankful for the opportunity to kick off the series and share a little bit about myself and my style with these up-and-coming artists. 

Each of my fellow guest facilitators is a heavyweight in the Houston literary scene so it feels like I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. I'm going to do my best.