Eagle Update 9/8


I already mentioned it before but worth saying it again: my short story, Don't Cry is now available as part of Spirit's Tincture inaugural issue. I'll encourage you to buy it, both to support other short fiction writers and to also support a fledgling publication :)


My two poems, Dos and Coatlicue (or reasons not to date a Mexican woman) are now available in this collection. Coatlcue... is about the goddess Coatlicue and Dos is about the fusion of the veneration of Tonantzin and La Virgen de Guadalupe.


Narrowing down the plotline for my fantasy piece has helped a lot. The world is still big but now I'm focusing only on creating a little bit at a time and then if necessary, going back to flesh things out more. For instance, there was a bit I was outlining last night where I went "and then...X did this and...OH, WOULDN'T IT BE COOL IF..." and my mind started scampering away before I went NO, COME BACK, and then made a notation as to what the idea was, and then went back to plotting/outlining.

Also, I'm digging the pretend-workstation that I have but now my laptop's starting to feel the wear and tear of being a writer's laptop for the last four years so it won't be long before I retire it to "casual use" status and invest in a new workhorse desktop computer.