I'm on the edge of glory

(Lady Gaga - The Edge of Glory)

In a rather dramatic departure from my usual writing stuff...

okay, it's not really dramatic, I just want to tell you guys about the best sandwich ever.

I started thinking about this like, last month because I went semi-vegetarian (one meat meal a week) to prove a point. I began craving a sandwich.

I didn't end up getting a sandwich because I wasn't really drawn into the sandwich places that were open. And that's when I thought of this blog post.

So, sandwiches. A basic staple. I used to eat them for lunch. During my college years, once a week we'd make a Subway run because there was one inside a gas station off International and US77. There was also a Jason's Deli on the other side of town but the only time I tried their sandwiches I tried their reuben, didn't like it, and then proceeded to swear off reubens and Jason's Deli. I would also occasionally eat a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich at the school's cafeteria before getting to discover the wonder of philly cheesesteaks with cheez whiz when a place called Philly's opened. 

When I moved to Houston in 2011, I had a Quizno's close to my apartment. I was fascinated by this slow-toasting machine that made really tasty sandwiches. It got old, though, and 2012 introduced me to Jimmy John's and Potbelly (one for its lighting-fast delivery and the other for having a location inside the tunnels that criss-cross underneath downtown Houston). Great sandwiches, too, even if they were kind of heavy. In 2013, new job, new apartment, old habits: going back to Jimmy John's and Subway only to realize that oh my god Subway sandwiches had gotten real bad. 

Ever since then, I don't really eat a lot of sandwiches. An occasional PB&J or black forest ham sandwich that I can only make a couple of times before I run through the ham on my own. 

If we're going to talk grilled cheese, that's another matter, and I make some pretty epic grilled cheese sandwiches.

But they will never rival the best sandwich I ever had.

I was a sophomore in high school, and we had gone to a friend's house for a party. For some reason, I had neglected to feed myself earlier in the day. Might have been nerves, who knows, we were young. It was a big deal for me to hang out with people outside my normal circle of friends (even though my small circle of friends was there). We end up just hanging out with this girl and her friends and a bunch of other people I would never run into again in my life (the girl we were there for, I ran into her once at a bar several years later and enver since). 

We watch Kill Bill Vol. 1 and midway through the movie I get this horrible headache. The kind of hunger-headache where you can't really function. And I wasn't about to ask my host "Hey, do you have anything to eat?" 

There are norms, you know. 

The movie eventually ended and my buddy dropped me off at home because he had a car and I had crippling driving anxiety that wouldn't resolve itself until three years later. I stumbled into my apartment, my parents were out, and I was hurting real bad. I had to eat something.

Went into the kitchen and evaluated what I had.

I had...bread.

I had butter.

I had...wait, I had lemon chips!

And cooked ham.

I love ham, you guys. 

So what I did was, toast some bread, placed some butter on it, slapped on the cooked ham, smashed lemon chips into it, then enveloped those with another slice of cooked ham and toast, and took a bite.

It was glorious.

I know y'all were thinking I was going to go into some really explicit detail about getting some au jus from somewhere and some camembert and...nah. This simple sandwich made the headache go completely away and ever since then I've considered it my favorite sandwich.