Eagle Update 9/15


I will be reading poetry at HCC Northline at 7 p.m. Monday, September 19th alongside Lupe Mendez, Jasminne Mendez, and Leslie Contreras Schwartz. Such an amazing opportunity! I've read with Lupe many times before, but this will my first reading with Jasminne and Leslie. I'm definitely going to write a couple of new poems to read. Be sure to come out!



I've settled for an alternating viewpoint in my fantasy epic. First time I've done something like that in an extended setting. I only did it once, in one of my short stories, so it's going to be interesting doing that dance over a longer period, particularly when I have NO idea where I'm going to end up.

It's super easy to get distracted, though, so what I've been doing, is, I'll leave little tendrils of ideas behind my outlining, and once I'm done outlining my current story, I'll come back to them. 

I think, if we're talking pipe dreams, I'd want to create a world not unlike Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance, which, to prevent ideas filtering into my head, I have not read. I think that's the coolest thing about Tabletop Roleplaying games: The open-endedness of worlds. I would love to write a series of novels and then be approached by TSR or Paizo and be told "wow, this setting's pretty cool, can we make campaigns out of it?" I'd be like, shit yeah.


Other than the poetry reading, I'm also (as of last week), a full-fledged assistant editor for Bartleby Snopes, an online literary journal that's been around since 2008. It's been a real pleasure working with them for the last three months and I look forward to continuing to grow with the magazine.

I have also taken on a staff position at Books and Quills Mag so look forward to seeing some of my articles there.

Also, I got to see my first MLB game last weekend! Astros - Cubs (Astros won, 2-1) and I learned that there are a lot of Cubs fans in Houston. Either that, or there's a lot of fairweather fans. Which is a strange to think about because it's the Cubs we're talking about. My gf is a Cubs fan and I'm more of a very passive Astros fan. 

Finally, an apology for the lack of Tuesday Thoughts this week. I've been sick, and I'm the biggest man-baby when it comes to getting sick. My girlfriend was sick all last week, so it was only a matter of time before I got sick, too. I started feeling weird, and then by Sunday afternoon, I was like...yep, sickness. Luckily, it's on its way out, but still, I'm so lethargic I can barely even watch TV.  But I'll be back in force next week with some more ideas for this blog.