So, if there's one thing that annoys me is that I'll sometimes be discussing something online and  don't  have sources ready to go. Wikipedia is one thing, but it's not like I'm going to be able to just pull just the kind of article I wanted to pull up or remember the exact search string. So, I wanted to have a centralized source for me, and well, anyone who visits this site, to have a good writer's reference guide that'll explore some of the not-so-obvious parts of writing.

For instance, I'm not going to link to the Purdue Owl or Citation Machine or things like that. What I will link to are links that talk about writing diverse characters, story prompt generators that are actually worth a damn, writing communities that I've experienced to be very helpful or things that I feel could help you, the potential writer, add more complexity to what you write.

Some links will go to stories or articles, others will go straight to resources. 



In defense of changing the appearance of established characters

A fantastic compilation of links on how to avoid the stereotypes and tropes of writing diverse characters

The importance of diversity in publishing YA Literature

Writing with color link dump

If white characters were written as POC were

Daniel José Older on Diversity

N.K. Nemisin on Diversity

Chuck Wendig On Diversity

Quick Primer on Writing Diverse Characters

Being weird and black doesn't mean you're interested in being white

Another good article about writing characters of color

Latino vs Hispanic - A webcomic


If you're wondering why a sports journalism section is here, it's because 1) duh I love sports 2) some of the best writing that's being done out there is sports writing. And I'm not talking about TEAM A SCORED MORE POINTS THAN TEAM B THEREFORE YAY TEAM A...I'm talking about the drama, the intrigue, the tragedy, the success, the human emotion 

Growing up Penn State

Why I won't be cheering for old Notre Dame

Why your team doesn't give a damn about you

The front lines of Ferguson

The writer who was too strong to live

Richard Sherman and a critical look at the word "thug"

A look at Chess-boxing

The worst team in the world living its World Cup Dream

Florida Man!