4.5 - March Locura

Things I’ve learned in a sporadic eight years of NCAA March Madness

The idea that college basketball was a thing didn’t even register in my mind until early 2007. And that was only two years after I first started noticing college football. I had other things on my mind to be irrationally angry about in my early periods of college. Like, my inability to pursue stupid crushes. God, I was such a little twerp.

(Okay, I can still be a twerp. But not as twerp-y as I was.)

But it was in that Spring where I learned about NCAA March Madness through one of my communication professors, an LSU grad, who enjoyed college basketball and filling out brackets. My nascent competitive spirit was still being nurtured, so I learned about the filling out the whole ceremony of filling out brackets and watching them be destroyed in the first two days of the tournament.

Since then, I’ve only missed on filling out my bracket three years (2010, 2011, 2014) and y’all want to know what I’ve learned from it?


Y’all want to know what the ESPN Bracketology pundits, who make a lot of money a year know about the outcomes?


Thanks to Stephen F. Austin and Middle Tennessee this year, 98% of brackets were busted the FIRST DAY.

And I shouldn’t even be mad.  I won the two bracket pools I was in.

But I didn’t really “win” so much as I “sucked less” than the people I was competing against. I do follow some completely arbitrary rules based on the maybe two college basketball games I’ll see during any given season:

1.       Jim Boeheim will never lose a first round game if the Syracuse Orange make it to the post-season (the 1990-91 squad is the only exception)

2.       Duke sucks, but if more people are on the Duke sucks bandwagon, make them win their first two games.

3.       Never trust Villanova. Always trust Villanova.

4.       Texas Western College aka the UTEP Miners was the last Texas team to win the national championship, therefore, there will not be a Texas team in the Final Four, let alone the championship.


This was this year’s timeframe:

3/17 - Haha, not bad, got off to a good start

So for next year, I wonder what will ESPN reporters, Yahoo! Bracketology analysts, and me learn about March Madness?


Although I think the President and I did around the same.


gg Villanova